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Teacher III

Agents of Values: Teachers, Parents or Society?

     “Dear teachers, you are expected to be upright at all times. To teach knowledge without virtues is like creating individuals who are mental giants and moral dwarfs. Giants who will be future menaces of the society. Giants who will soon corrupt the minds of others. Giants who would destroy others for his own sake and welfare.”

“Yes, we are teachers but we are also humans. Mistakes are inevitable  but God knows how we try our best to make the most out of our flaws. We have passion. We have dedication. We deserve respect, understanding and appreciation.”

     Teachers are the prime movers of educational institution. Without them, educating every student will never be possible. In that case, teachers are given one of the highest regards in every part of the globe. They are always thought as models of good demeanours. They are seen as walking replicas of the books of knowledge. They are regarded as the exemplary of virtues. Sadly, since teachers are always expected to act accordingly and decently, they are OVERRATED. Overrated to the extent that they are assigned solely to an obligation of teaching values among children which seems to be irrational.

      So, who must promote values? Teachers? Parents? Society?

On one hand, the very foundation of inculcating values in every individual lies on his family. The upbringing of the immediate relatives or family plays a big part in honing a student into a productive and righteous citizen of his country. Parents must teach their children morals at an early age so they will never depart from it. 

On the other hand, the society (which includes the surroundings, social norms and standards, government, laws, media) is accountable in creating an environment that is conducive in practicing those ethics. Society must set limitations and restrictions most especially in shows or movies to be viewed in public. Scenes which can adulterate the innocent minds must be totally BANNED. No more conditions, no more exceptions. The use of different SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS must also be monitored.

      How about teachers?

     Teachers must never fail to remind pupils about the essence of applying values in their everyday lives. They are supposed to be models of benevolent actuations. They must be decent. If they wish their pupils or students to act properly, teachers must do it themselves. They must be replicas of humanity. More so, they should be working hand in hand with the parents and society and vice versa. 

With the aforementioned statements, queries and conclusions are probably generating inside our minds. Every agent, everyone seems to have role to play in this issue. The role of each significant person must be discerned to successfully produce not only INTELLECTUAL GIANTS but also individuals governed by wisdom and virtues. 

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