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The Cure to Education’s Chronic Illness

Teacher II

Of all the diseases that have prevalently plagued our country throughout history, one has become a perennial problem, Illiteracy; a state of not knowing how to read and write. Though not only a problem here in the country but rather a global concern, it is undeniably one of the greatest challenges we are facing today in the country as we go through the process of nation-building. Like Cancer, it spreads like metastasis from generation to generation until it springs forth many social and economic complications

which make it look like a terminal and hopeless case scenario. A third-world country battling this kind of problem is tantamount to a very poor man undergoing chemotherapy sessions; it is both costly and exhausting.

Countless interventions were introduced to resolve this problem, the government has unceasingly created and developed programs in education to eradicate illiteracy yet decades after decades the number of illiterates has never seemed to narrow down. Other problems like corruption, poverty, and social conflicts were some of the factors that entangle and contribute more to the worsening of the situation, plus the fact that we are a country of thousands of islands separated by waters poses a substantial challenge to the education delivery system. However, we do not face this problem alone, it is a part of the Millennium

Developmental Goals set by the United Nations that Universal Primary Education will be achieved by 2015. It envisions the assurance that all children everywhere, boys and girls alike will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. It is believed that education is vital to meet all other Millennium Development Goals because educating children gives the next generation the tools to fight poverty and prevent diseases. But even these consolidated efforts of different nations failed to attain the total realization of this goal. Though, the latest data show that the number of primary school age out-of-school children have dropped 42%, and for girls by 47% despite rapid population growth. And so, many nations together with us are never without hope in the pursuit of curing this social disease that has long after infected many parts of the globe.

Progress should always be a result of our consensus efforts to adapt to various changes happening around us, modernization and industrialization for an instance create opportunities to expose the citizens to technology and eventually make us of it for intellectual advancement and civilization. We always sought after the well-being of our citizens and that includes our desire to lead them in the discovery of their greatest potential and be able to utilize it by creating a valuable impact on others and the whole society as well. It is an exciting era we are in today, if only everyone could evolve together as fast with all the advancements in science and technology, we could have all moved further and climbed to the top of the pyramid where self-actualization will be realized. Yet it will remain impossible as long as the base and the ultimate foundation on Maslow's hierarchy of needs stay unsatisfied in the lives of people. Nevertheless, we should never stop to ascertain the solution to this overwhelming challenge and help the government hand in hand throughout the process. As Nelson Mandela once said, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, yes; education can be the catalyst for change and it is something everyone who has it can freely give. If you are the one being able to read these writings then you are the one possessing the antidote to cure illiteracy, you can do so much if you are willing and we can do much more if we all find this problem disturbing. Everyone has the power to educate someone, to deposit knowledge to other people's minds. That's why education is depicted as a symbolic torch because we have to shed some light in the dark corners. Sometimes the greatest social problems around us could be resolved just by showing a sense of altruism from every person alive.

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