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My Haven of Certainty

Teacher III

“Leave a mark, a remarkable one before you go!”- ACC, Ed. D


Paper works… piled; lessons… unfinished; household chores… hanged; relations…??? The common reality of my life when I started to be a School Paper Adviser. It was indeed a defying task. A tiring one.


As an SPA, we dare to do all. Everything that will make our trainees the best we hope they can be. We redirect them with the things that are vague to them. We help them understand what is not clear to them. We even make them feel that doing it…writing, is the best thing they can ever do in their life.


Nobody is born a writer. That is the basic idea we insist on our writers. Though some have innate ability to express ideas freely, a writer can be considered good when they can write with good structure and can employ writing devices. Consequently, they are best when winning the contest.


The same reason for SPA, no coach can teach things we do not know. We comprise sedulity and passion to learn and unlearn things our trainees need. It can never be “THE CHOSEN ONE” or “NO CHOICE”. It should always be the eagerness to lead the writer. One must be very willing to extend immeasurable effort and time. One must be willing to spend time and even money for training and seminars. One must be willing to spend overnight learning new things and current trends we can use for teaching.


For a decade, I have been asking myself every year why I remained an SPA. A teacher- coach who never sleeps on due dates; who needs a long patient in waiting articles and redirecting student-writers when they are wrong. An SPA who has to find the cheapest stores possible for the limited budget we have. In short, an all-knowing and versatile teacher can be. All-in, that is what we  should  be.  From  the  technicalities,  down  to  financials,  we  should  be  that  keen  to  make everything possible for the win.


For a decade, I am still asking the same question to myself. Is it because am not reaching the highest winning an SPA can get? One of my great mentors said, “In everything you do, leave a mark, a remarkable one before you go!”  Is this the real reason?


TOO MUCH EXHAUSTED…but whenever I can see their smiles when they get my point… I FEEL UNEXPLAINABLE HAPPINESS!

TOO MUCH EXHAUSTED … but whenever I can see them cry either for winning or defeat… I FEEL UNEXPLAINABLE HAPPINESS!

TOO MUCH EXHAUSTED …but when they go back to me after a year or two telling they are enrolled in  a  journalism  program  or  they are  already a  professional  journalist  ……………... I FEEL UNEXPLAINABLE HAPPINESS!


A choice, a commitment, a passion. I always find myself in the arms of future writers. I believe they can stand the face of truth. Future writers. I believe they can modify the image of verity.


I am a teacher by profession, for a decade, I keep on complaining about the hardship of being a school paper adviser, but look at me, still here, looking for the room of improvements on how to make student-writers better. I keep on ranting but look at me, still here looking for better facilities to learn more.


For a decade now, I am a School Paper Adviser, a teacher-coach, a trainer. This time… am sure, I must go! I AM IN MY HAVEN OF CERTAINTY… but I also want others to experience the   bliss   of   happiness   I   have   in   my   haven   so   that   in   the   future,   they   will   also   feel


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